Happy B-Day

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Well its that time again, and its my birthday -.-

Ok well lets see..not much really happened this month, alot of the LS' events got scrubbed cause alot of our BLMs quit the game. As a result I have taken the time to level up my BLU and so far I am doing well at 61.

So what post 60 like? Glad you asked...

this is the result of a /thf 60 BLU

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As you can see it can be a dmg powerhouse. This damage was achieved at pt range 160-210 Chain affinity sneak attack. I find that if you go beyond that tp range the dmg spike falls a bit. Also noticed that Sickle Slash when done with a SA is more acc based than STR. So if I throw up my str build (which is currently 50+40) I can hit for around 250ish but if I leave my acc build up I hit for 290+.

We did do some jailers a weekend ago and unfortunetly I only got SS of one but here it is.

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No torque but we did get the virtue.

well until next update I will leave you with the conver of the month.
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PS. he was talking about his chocobo

Lots happened in a month

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Well alot has happened in a month. Lets start off with some Dynamis runs. Dynamis is going really well for the shell and we all seem to be gell'n with eachother. We have gotten Snow Access for alot of members and we have started entering Glacier.

1 - A sparkling stone
3 - An infinity core
20 - A Tukuku whiteshell
2 - A lancewood log
2 - A copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
1 - A fresh Orc liver
2 - An Ordelle bronzepiece
1 - An assassin's culotte
8 - A one byne bill
1 - A bard's justaucorps
1 - A colossal skull
1 - A duelist's tabard

Not a bad run I would say for our first glacier run, considering that AF hates to drop for us. We will be doing another glacier run today.

Were we doing a Dynamis-Bastock wehn all of a sudden BLM AFII dropped

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got to love these babies
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In other LS news we taken on Geush Urvan the other day and completely raped him getting 4 Torredor capes for members.

Swift Belt runs went pretty much good and we got a few for some members.

What else happened lets see. Oooohhh yea..I FINALLY BEAT FUCKING COP!!!

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Yup I decided to go with a Tamas ring for my BLM. And now for some pics:

This final battle was really fun and I have to say that it was teh best looking BCNM zone I have ever been in.

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Thankyou Tenkei, Crazymuffins, Scorpiobullit, Credos and my friend Degenxerate for helping me complete this bitch.

Lets see what else did I accomplish... ZM finally completed as well. I chose a Suppanomimi (ninja earring) for my BLU. And since we got ZMs down we can now do Bahaumat and take on Appocolypse Nigh so I can grab my finaly BLU earring Etherial Earring.

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We also smashed the record for this as well:
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Limbus runs have been going great and we are collecting alot of chips to do alot of Omega/Ultima runs at once. I was able to upgrade as well recently.

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Well as you can see alot has been happening in the shell and with me. I have gotten BLU to 51 and will keep going so far 3/5 AF pieces (I will post when I can wear them =P)

We have alot more planned with the shell (hell currently I am headed to horias peak for a KS99 horns of war event) and we are doing great. I will update soon but until then let me share with you the nutieness of our shell and the really odd conversations I have with one odd taru.

A nice drunken truth from Scorp
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And now we learn the true life of Enigmatic
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TMI enig TMI
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Now for the odd conversations
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Well until next update have fun ^^

I actually did something this week =P

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Ok so lets see from what I have done since coming back from Vacation. We did 2 dynamis, 2 Limbus' and threw in some HNM fights.

Here is some pics from tonights Amaltheia runs...we fought him twice

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Not bad DMG for a 73 BLM
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And as you can see I got my Weskit from the LS ^^

Lets see, the Dynamis runs went really well and I think the LS as a whole is coming together nicely on Dynamis terms. It will be nice to see us ge to DL as a LS..lol I miss xaracabard.

Full moon on this run
Dynamis-Bastock 7-16

Zone win: O

3 - A mythril beastcoin
193 - A one byne bill
5 - A relic axe
13 - An infinity core
8 - A sparkling stone
4 - A gold beastcoin
1 - A relic scythe
6 - A chunk of wootz ore
1 - A relic blade
1 - A pair of melee gaiters
2 - A pair of summoner's bracers
1 - A one hundred byne bill
2 - A vial of slime juice
2 - A pair of duelist's gloves
1 - A sorcerer's tonban
1 - A pair of saotome kote
1 - An ito

Dynamis-Sandoria 7/19

Win: O

9 - An infinity core
91 - An Ordelle bronzepiece
3 - A relic gun
4 - A relic bhuj
5 - A fresh Orc liver
2 - A giant frozen head
4 - A griffon hide
1 - A cleric's cap
1 - An ihintanto
2 - A mythril beastcoin
1 - A sparkling stone

Did a fraking 7 hour ODS session for LS members this weekend as well...lol don't really want to do that again for a while.

Crafting wise I got .7 this week so I am drawing closer to that last stretch in smithing.

And it now looks as if Magic is being nerfed for the next update..yay =/ So looks like I start leveling SMN now since it will prob be the new BLM.

well until nextime I leave you with the quote of the week
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Back from Vaca

So I am back from Vacation and ready to hit the scene again. If I see another fucking Brazilian tour group I think I might go savage on someone. at the hotel I was at there was at least 10 different Tour groups from brazil..all with about 200-300 teenagers. I wish they all had but one neck to strangle. No lie they stayed up til about 4 am running up and down the halls kicking eachother like they were Pele, and banging on all the doors.

Nothing in game to report since I havn't been online but true to my word I will keep this up to date. (tomorrow I might add some vaca pics =P
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Time to update again

Ok so I know I said I would try to keep this updated but with work and everything else I just don't have the time.

Ok where to begin:

Well my BLU is 33 now...lol havn't had the time to level it.

As far as BLM I am having a great time on it and it is close to 74.

As far as gossip goes... well as predicted Summit finally disbanded. Squeak disappeared and as rumor has it cleaned out 3 accounts as well. The finaly nail in the coffin was Airshort ninja lotting a Osode. But never fear I am sure squeak will return again and make yet another endgame LS that will last 3-4 months and then disband. And all the people will flock back to him like battered wives lol.

Was funny to see like half the LS apply to NN while the other half applied to KI.

On a personal note I am finally going on vacation tomorrow 12 days in disney ^^ Only took 9 years =P

I will religiously update this after vacation once a week to chronical my BLU exploits.

till next time peace.

Long time no write

Ok I know you havn't heard from me in a while but I really havn't had any time recently. Ok quick recaps


Working on leveling BLM (64 currently) BLU (31 currently) Whm (34 blm sub)
My DRK is retired however I still have to break it out every now and then for LS events. However there really hasn't been any LS events so go figure.

I am really enjoying BLU for some reason it is insanely fun but I have decided not to aggressivly level it til the AF comes out. I don't have the desire to be one of the high level BLU's this early out the gate.

BLM I am leveling...well cause endgame loves BLM what can I say, I want to be useful.


Well things going semi ok I guess but it always seems I am perpetually stuck in the outskirts of endgame. I heard Squeak came back and started yet another Endgame LS called Summit. No worries in about another 2-3 months he will quit, then come back and make a new one and everyone will flock to him again like a battered wife.

Kamuinoir finally Joined ToB however Brytor & kalahn have yet to decide. I really would love them to come over cause I would be with my best friends again.

I have 2 invites to seperate top-notch endgame shells but I think I will wai and see what ToB becomes plus I want to get my BLM to 75. I love the people in ToB but it just seems alot of them do not have the drive nor desire for real endgame. Or maybe its just the novalty of the expansion hasn't worn off yet.


Well I finally found a great strat to get to smithing 96 however the downside is just about everyone else is doing the same thing so materials are hard to come by, that coupled with the fact that my finaces are dwindling.

It seems I have become the NQ machine and can only seem to gain little profit if any. Havn't really accomplished anything big ticket wise either or any good big money synths.

Everything else:

Got some nice things for my BLU recently Nadrs, mountain gaiters, fasting ring.

I am finding harder and harder to get into game. I don't want to quit but its becoming such a time sink, by the time I get a pt or start to do something I need to stop so I can do things round the house or in RL. Nothing much else happening really, I will try to post at least once a week from now on though.

From the til now

Well its been a while so lets get up to speed. I want to thank Neo, Scorp, Credos, Wild & Fahzoo who came out and ran 6-4 with me to get me through it. Was a fun fight..and I am glad it is overwith.

Got the expansion..and boy am I happy with it. Sure I am slacking and havn't done assualt or quests or missions but I got BLU and thats what I really wanted. So far I am 15 BLU and have all spells upto level 16. Personally I see some BLUs 30+ already on my server and I think to myself....WHY??? The BLU af model is in the game however the sats and quests for it won't be avail til the next server update.

Disproved a recipe from the expansion today as well. a Jadagna...its listed as level 69 with a e crystal. However it is done with a fire crystal and is in the 90's since I got a .1 off it today.

well boring but thats that for now.

Friends come when your in need

"Friends come when your in need"

LoL what a fucking joke. Yea got to love the multitude of friends you have that all say they will help you with a mission but then never fucking show up. "No worries man that BC was fun as hell, I wont mind doing it again". Translation = HAHAHA GL cause you wont see me there.

Or when someone is shouting for the mission and you know they can do it but when your going to join them a friend tells you "Dude, don't join them. You above all others should know what it feels like to be left behind in these missions, so don't do that to the group your going to go with. thats my opnion"

Yea this makes me try and be the nice guy that I am and what happens? I get fucked over again for it.

I am a stone throw away from dropping my pearl right now cause everything is a bunch of lies wrapped in a pretty bullshit.

Ok fine thats how you want to play it? Fine I can be an asshole too... All the times I come out to help people with shit and no one wants to help me? Fine don't expect to see my ass next to you helping you get that nice new shiny thing you want..why cause until I start feeling the love on my end you not getting shit from me no more.

(no subject)

Well nothing much from my last entry really noteworthy. We have done 2 more dynamis-bastock since my last entry and failed them both and to be quite honest I am getting sick of losing. I been making great headway with BLM and I am really enjoying it. Been HQ'n alot of stuff recently as well so my profits are going up.

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And I am happy that brytor is making use of it.

Been a little frazzled lately at watching all my friends surpass me in endgame and I am still stuck on middle ground. Don't get me wrong I love the LS that I am a part of but I would love fur us to actually come together and do the things that everyone else is doing.

I made a new sig the otherday cause I was in a silly mood.

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Mastersmith Anvil

Well about a week ago I finally had enough guild points to attain my Mastersmith Anvil. I have waited a long time for this and it is a personal achievement of mine. I kind feel hollow about it cause I see soo many smithers that I was ahead of for the longest time, that I gave pointers too, surpass me. I went on to make a nice Luisant Moufles which sold for a nice profit.

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I am at my personal best now..3 weeks ago I had 400k left to my name and decided to be ballsy and try and craft a pair of Luisant Sollerets. Well, the gamble paid off and since that point I have been making a nice steady profit in smithing. New moon last night sucked however but I guess we all have our bad runs.

Tonight is another run into Dynamis-Bastock and I hope we do better than the last run. Should be fun either way, but being melee heavy we really need to work on killing faster. I think on a whole everyone in ToB is having a blast with Dynamis, and I can't wait to see how the members enjoy the snowy areas. I am still up in the air as to what I want out of the runs due to the fact that DRK afII sucks. I will prob lot money and see if I can walk away with some currency tonight.